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Posterior staphyloma - is it really a problem?

I have very deep staphylomas on both eyes - easily visible even without dilated eyes.  I am only mildly myopic (-6.50 and -6.75 with a -3.75 and -2.75 cyl respectively).  I have read a lot of alarming litrature on here especially and also on the internet about staphylomas and all the complications that can be associated with them.  I recently went to see a retinal specialist because of persistent flashes in my left eye after a mild eye injury almost a year previously. He said my eyes (staphylomas and all) look very healthy and that the persistent flash in my eye is just my vitreous and perfectly normal.  (I don't know of many 30 year olds walking around with a flash in their eye for more than a year!).  It will stop for about two weeks and then start up again and can be very intrusive and irritating.  It will go on flickering even if the lights are out, always in the far corner of my eye and my eye often feels 'tight' and uncomfortable in the corner especially when I look that way.  The doctor did, however, say that my visual acuity is reduced at 7.5/6 and for this reason and not anything else I have to have a fluorescein angiogram done.  I have always had substandard VA so I did not really 'see' his reasoning.  I guess I am just asking if anyone has had similar experiences or have any advice for me on the persistant irecurrant rritating light flash in my eye, whether having posterior staphylomas with only mild myopia is really a concern and whether I should bother going for the fluorescein angiogram (I have cancelled my appointment).  It is very expensive and does not sound like a pleasant experience.  If I had anything wrong with my eyes like pathological myopia or lacquer cracks or macular degeneration surely the doctor would have been able to spot it on dilated eye exam and as he did not - I assume the angiogram is just to be extra-extra safe and to make a bit of money on the side too.  Please advise!  Thank you so much for reading this.
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A flouresceine angiogram is safe will show details about your retinal circulation and retinal pigment epithelium.    You should at least have a baseline f/a and also determine why you vision is not normal.

Dr. O.
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