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Pregnancy and Eye Prescription Changes

A friend recently mentioned that pregnancy can affect one's eye prescription.  What can a woman normally expect?  If there are changes, are they permanent?  I'm 30 and considering laser eye surgery very soon.  I am not planning on having children anytime soon, for at least a few years.  Is it worth it to have it done now, or would it be better to wait until AFTER I've had kids?  I've waited long enough for my eyes to stabilize and would really appreciate the freedom that this surgery provides NOW, and not wait until my 40's.
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I think as long as you are not expecting to be pregnant in the next few years that it would be fine to have an evaluation for laser vision correction.  Usual the changes that occur with pregnancy are only temporary so that should also be reassuring for you.

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Dunno, but my wife has experienced mild declines in vision during each pregnancy (about 1 or 1.5 diopters) and they have not gone back.  I've heard similar stories from other preg. women.

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