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Prism, Pupillary Distance and Optical Center?

I have worn a 1-1.5 BI, Right eye for 35 years.
I have worn the same Progressive,  Hoya Summit CD for 15 years.
Pupil distance is (apparently) 30 right and 31.5, total 62.
This last time the lenses were made by a different lab through a different optician, the lens don't work.
This time they were the highest index and too high a seg height and + diopter. Then dropped the seg height took out the + and  they still don't work.
I can't find the "sweet spot" in the right lens, unless I move the right lens to the left.
I say there is something wrong in the Pupil Distance and/or Optical Center, they say otherwise.
Any words of wisdom to take to the optician?
Thanks in advance.

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See if you can get your money back and go to the old optician. As we have outlined before there are over a dozen variables in each pair of glasses so even if the RX, and PD are the same they may not feel the same.

Think of it liike this you have a closet full of shoes more or less the same size but each feels differently on your feet.

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Those were my thoughts.
I was told by both the ophthalmologist and the optician that the glasses were right and I was wrong. Both said that OC and PD would not affect the lens, yeah, right.
I was hoping for a citation to be able to show them.
The last optician was not without problems nor the one before that.
It seems as though a prism compounds the problems.
My prescription is minimal, so, I don't "see" all the problems in getting a pair to work right. It always takes two to get one. What a waste and aggravation.
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The ultimate "fall back" position would be to ask that an exact copy of your old RX be put in your new frames at no charge to you.

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The RX is really no different, just the execution... same rimless frame, but new bridge, same shape...
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Then you would have two pairs of glasses, a spare for trips. That is all my comments.

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