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Problems after Vitreous Synereis

I have recently experienced vitreous synereis with erruption of floaters and afterwards have had things happen like walking into a huge brightly lit departent store and being completely enveloped in white dense fog everywhere.  Then when driving I am sometimes blinded suddenly and my vision fades out and I can hardly see images. I don't know if this is a photo type flash or just the floaters passing over the eye and catching the light. .I thought if it was light that caused the problems that I would be able to see okay at night and I discovered that at night I feel like I am looking at big black blobs and everything is un-natural type vision. ..is this from the floaters passing over the eye and reflecting on light?  Is it because my retina is now very sensitive to light after the synereis happened? Would any of this be from a wrong refraction in my glasses or is it just floaters passing over the eye and nothing I can do about it?  Do floaters ever really get absorbed by the brain so this would finally go away?
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Your symptoms are not typical for floaters.  You may also have cataracts that are causing some glare.  Please see an ophthalmologist.

Dr. O.
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Thanks for responding to me, Doctor. (I know I do have very small cataracts in my eye.) I saw opthamologist today and he said my eyes are fine and didn't have any idea what could be causing these symptoms I am having.. He said to contact a neuro opthamologist. (Thank you for letting me know that these symptoms are not just from a synereis...that's what I thought too or I don't think I should be having these problems.  Could just very small cataracts cause this?  And why would all of these symptoms be so sudden after a syneris happened?  
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