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Problems after eye dilation

I had my eyes dilated 6 weeks ago as part of a routine check up. Ever since, I have had dry, slightly painful eyes. My vision is fine and my eyes aren't dilated but they don't feel right. They feel tired all the time and overworked. I have tried drops etc but they don't have a lasting effect. Can such symptoms occur after dilation?
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Sometimes after an eye exam it can cause a temporary worsening of dry eye symptoms due to all the drops used for dilation and examination so I advise my patients to use artificial tears every few hours after the exam for a day or so if they have any irritation.  At this point any irriation or dryness  you still have is a problem in an of itself and it is basically a sign that you have sensitive and possibly clinically dry eyes.  Use good artifical tears frequently and if still having problems talk to your ophthalmologist.
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