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Progressive Myopia

Could you clear something up for me?  I am 66 years old and have progressive, pathological myopia.  The myopia never seems to stop progressing despite the fact that I keep hearing that the eye stops growing by the time a person is 25 years old (if not younger).  I realize cataracts can cause a myopic shift, but this progression has been going on all my life.  Will you please tell me what the causes can be for this?
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I don't know if anyone really knows the cause but people with pathologic or progressive myopic degeneration may see some progression even after age 25.  You should make sure you are being seen by an ophthalmologist and retina specialist who can keep tabs on this and make sure your eyes stay as healthy as possible.  How high is your prescription?

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OS: -13
OD: -14.25

I not only see an ophthalmologist every year, but I have been seeing a retinal specialist because I had a myopic CNV in my left eye.  He has now given me two injections of Avastin, but although the swelling went down, my BCVA has not improved since the incident.

I still am trying to figure out what could cause the progression if the eye is not getting longer.  I realize the retina gets thinner, but I though that that was caused by the constant stretching of the eye.

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