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Progressive myopia stabilizing

I am 41 years old and have myopia, -6, -5.75.  I have been between -5.5 and -6.5 in each eye since my early twenties. Some years up, some down, but always in that range.  Recently I visited a retinal specialist, and he observed "some RPE disruption" and "mild retinal atrophy." He was very unconcerned, saying there was no "active" problem and that it probably was the result of my myopia.  I left upbeat.

Then I got home and searched the Internet.  Degenerative myopia seems like a really serious thing.  But once the myopia stabilizes, does the damage to the retina generally stop getting worse?

Thanks in advance
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In my experience, people whose myopia stops getting worse at age 25 likely will not progress into full blown myopic degeneration.  I think you will be fine with routine retinal exams to make sure no holes or tears develop and be aware to call your retina specialist at the earliest sign of retinal symptoms (floater increase, flashes of light, dark curtains, etc.)

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