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Progressive myopia

I have very bad vision. I was diagnosed w/progressive myopia, which have left me practical blind in my right eye.my prescription reads                 O.D. BALANCE           O.S. ----1400    -125   180      ADD+300

      Please explain to me what my numbers mean for my vision. example(20/20)vision
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All I can tell is that the left eye is very myopic with a mild amount of astigmatism.  The amount of myopia is -14.00 with -1.25 diopters of astigmatism.  The right lens is a balance lens which means it is just made to be like the other eye so both lenses look and weigh about the same.  Apparently thel right eye has very poor vision - perhaps 20/400 or less.  I don't know what your vision with glasses is in the good left eye.

Michael Kutryb, MD
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How did you lose vision in your left eye - did you have a CNV (macular bleed)?

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