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Progressive myopia

I've posted before referencing a problem with my eyes becoming more myopic. On my last visit to MD, he said I am strarting to develop cataracts, and thus the problem with my vision worsening.  
I checked information on how cataracts affect vision, and, I' m reading that the vision is "cloudy".  What I'm experiencing is definitely more nearsightness, not seeing clearly,  only stronger prescription doens't seem to help.
Something I recently noticed which I plan on bring to my doctor next visit, is that I feel my eyeballs are more back in there socket, not out as far as they used to be. When I put my fingerrs on my eyes, applying slight pressure, they feel like they are farther back in the socket, than they used to be.
Is this possible?  I have glaucoma, and take Cosopt, Alphagan, and Lumigan eyedrops.  If the eyeballs are possitioned farther back in the sockets, would this increase my myopia?
I guess it's possible I could be imagining they are farther back, but, I don't think so.
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Dear Rodan,

Cataract can cause some progression in the nearsightedness. You should not put pressure on your eyes.  Ask your questions and concerns when you at the doctor.

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California

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I suggest you get a second opinion. Find an eye MD or a retinologist at www.aao.org.

I am a long time retina patient, not a doctor. I think you need to see someone right away, even if it is your current eye MD.

The forum doctor will answer soon.
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i don't really put "pressure" on my eyes, what I mean is I can place my two fingers on the eyelid, (eyes closed), and, gently touching the eye, through the eyelid, it just feels like the eyeball is further back that it used to be, compared to just a few years ago. I acctually thought I noticed it a few monthsl ago, not quite a year, and, now, it just seems like they both are back more.
I thought maybe with glaucoma ( been diagnosed with that September 2003), the eye pressure had my eyes bulged out more than now that I'm on medication to lower IOP.

Anyway, I do have an appointment with my regular eye MD in a couple of weeks. I will definitely bring it to his attention.

As far as getting a second opinion, my neighbor has been after me for over a year to make an appointment with another eye MD and see what he thinks about my progressive myopia.

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