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Prolonged Cross-eyed after stress

Recently, after a very long day (about 20 hrs.), I began to notice that my vision was similar to that when I am cross-eyed.  After resting sufficiently, I am still having the same problem 2 days later.  The best that I can see in the mirror is that 1 eye is not always moving as quickly as the other, but a lazy eye doesn't seem to be realistically caused by fatigue.  Otherwise, my eyes do not visually appear to be crossed; but my vision comes off as such.  Is this something that will go away, or should I see an optometrist or physician?  Is there anything I can do to improve without seeing a dr.?  

If it helps, I have both type 1 and type 2 diabetes and take a whole lot of insulin as well as metformin and actos (also for low HDL).  I also have hasimoto's disease.
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See an ophthalmologist.

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I've experienced the same thing and don't know why.
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