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Posted by Tammy on April 28, 1999 at 20:55:27
    Please help. I am a 31 year old female with good health. I have been experiencing slight pain in my right eye with irritation for 2 months . I had a chalazon in my left eye a few months prior wich was lanced ,it was discoved that I had calcium deposits in the chalazon and it had healed fine. When my right eye started feeling irritated I thought that it was another stye or chalazon so I gave it some time. However I did see my medical Dr. who told me that there was calcium deposits on my right eye just on the edge of where my iris is and refered me to my opthalmologist.My Opthalmologist didn't think that was the problem and ater the exam told me that my right eye is 2mm proptotic, refered me for a physical, thyroid levels and an MRI of the brain with attention to the orbits. The MRI report was normal as was the thyroid levels and physical. I have now been refered to a neuro-opthalmologist for an eval. Is it possible to have Graves Disease with a normal thyroid level? Would a blood clot show up on an MRI? Could there be a connection between the recurring calcium deposits and the proptosis?  What would cause proptosis that would not show up on an MRI? I am on no medications and my only allergy is Benadryl,My sinis's are clear,my weight,BP and ekg are very normal and my colesteral is very low.

Posted by hfhs md - ni on April 28, 1999 at 21:39:00
The most common cause of proptosis in an adult is Graves disease.  Although Graves disease is linked to thyroid problems, it is possible to be hyperthyroid, hypothyroid or normal thyroid and still have Graves related eye disease.  Other possibilities include muscle inflammation, tumors or infection.
Most of these things would be visible on MRI of the orbits if they are large enough to cause proptosis.  With a normal MRI it is important to keep close follow-up.  I do not think chalazions are associated with proptosis.
This information is provided for educational purposes only.  Please see your physicin for diagnstic and treatment options.

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