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Pterygium removed

Is it advisable to get a second option when a removal of a pterygium was removed in July 2007
and still not healed and looks as though the irritation and scarring is worse then the growth to begin with. prolonged steroid use since july and lubrication drops not helping. What should I do?irratated and real obvious imflamation and redness. Possible irration or allergy to adhesive? I believe this was glue not stitches. The other eye done 15 yrs ago with stitches with no problem and quick heal time and no scaring! Pleasa help. Will insurance cover this? What my solution to fix this problem?

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I would seek a second opinion from an Eye MD physician (ophthalmologist) that specializes in corneal diseases. You may need a re-excision with possible amniotic membrane graft or other complex procedure for a recurrent ptyergium.

Unfortunately this is not unusual as 10-20% of pterygia re-occur and often are more aggresive when they grow back.

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