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Hi there:

Can you tell me how noticeable is ptosis in association with Horner's syndrome?  I am asking b/c I have one pupil that is noticeably smaller than the other in low light - it has a noticeable dilation lag. I have had this anisocoria for at least 10 years - I don't know however if it's gotten worse or not.

I didn't think I had any ptosis however I looked up "ptosis' on google images and found a picture of ptosis that was hardly noticeable to me. If I look at my own eyes, my eye with the smaller pupil could possibly have some very slight ptosis similar to that picture. If I do have it, it is very slight.

I had a dilated eye exam in December - though my eyes were dilated before the opthomololgist saw me. No problems were noted. I recently also saw a neurologist (for dizziness) who noted the pupils were different in size but didn't mention any ptosis.  I also just had a brain MRI with and without contrast that was normal.

After doing too much googleing, I am concerned about a pancoast tumor since that can be associated with Horner's and wouldn't produce typical lung symptoms.  I have had some tingling in my ring and pinkie finger but thought and was told it was cubital tunnel syndrome. Reading tingling/numbness of these fingers as a symptom of the tumor, I got worried.

If I had slight ptosis, would the opthamologist and neuro likely have discovered it or would they have to have been looking for it?

Given that I've had anisocoria for 10 years, is it possible that I could develop Horner's later?  Should I insist on a chest CT or something to look for a pancoast tumor?

I apologize if I sound a bit hysterical or irrational - I am a bit of a hypochondriac, admittedly.

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I suggest that you go to see a neuro-ophthalmologist. Take in some old facial pictures of you taken over the past 5-10 years.

A Horner's syndrome due to a tumor in the apex of the lung would long ago have caused other symptoms.

Find a neuro-ophthalmologist at www.aao.org

small ptosis is easily overlooked especially if drops have already been put in the eye.

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