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Public's Opinion to Crystalens Implant

Would appreciate comments by persons who have had a newer type Crystalens HD IOL implanted
Did you need to have a larger incision? Was the cost extremely high? Was the post surgical
recovery difficult? Did you react negatively to the accommodating feature of the lens, etc., etc.

Whatever information you can provide would be appreciated.
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I had a Crystalens inserted last June 2008 and today regret I went in that direction. Having worn monovision correction (one eye corrected for near, other for distance) for years, I wish that were the case today. I am wearing a bifocal soft contact lens in the left which was prescribed to give me distance and some reading.  The Crystalens in the right gives me reading in ample light and no night vision. I  actually failed the driving eye test with that eye! I now have distance glasses to wear for night vision. I found that when in an auditorium, even with bright lights my distance glasses enhance the view becasue even in that environment the players on the court are blurry, I can watch the game okay, but the vision is't sharp. Whereas before with monovision, I was able to see better distance and better reading. A fellow golfer friend had Crystalens and she has great distance and night vision but requires reading glasses to read. We had opposite results, however I have to add that I told my doctor reading was more important so his targeted refraction went in this direction. Now I am in a dilema becasue when the other eye needs to be done, I don't know what to do. Another Crystalens is recommended as I have one already, but what will I be faced with then?  Wish  I could go back and get monovision implants.
Yes, I did have corrective slits during the implant procedure to correct astigmatism.
It takes some training to use the multi focal points, but that doesn't take much time. There is a delayed response letting the lens accommodate the distance. When my eyes are tested I have to inform the technician that it takes a little time for my eye to adjust to the change in distance.
I paid $2000 above the cost of the procedure for the custom lens.
Post surgery was nothing. We went to dinner immediately after. Vision was blurred for less than 24 hours after.
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Niteowl7, your comments emphasize the importance of the surgeon's ability to achieve the targeted refraction for the Crystalens HD (or any premium IOL).  I hope that your situation improves afer LASIK.  It might be worth the cost to get prescription readers.  
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Had Crystalens HD done end of July 2008 when it first came out. It is now February and I hate it. I have no intermediate vision and absolutely no near vision. I've had the YAG laser done, a "piggyback" lens put in front of it...."piggyback" lens removed due to high pressure. That was in November. Now waiting for vision to stablize for Lasik touch up. Reading glasses make me nauseated and all of the other problems you've read in other Crystalens posts. So 6 months and getting worse instead of improving. Save your money.
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Dear laura5121,

The Crystalens HD can be inserted through a small incision as it can be folded.  The cost is not high considering the possible benefits one can achieve.  If money is an issue, other implants also improve one’s vision with cataract surgery.  I usually ask patients to fill out a detailed form which helps me determine which type of implant to use.

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California
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