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Pulsating blurriness of vision

Sorry, I posted this previously in the wrong section.  I needed an eye doctor's response.  Here it goes:  I had this thing, hard to describe, like my vision comes in and out of focus or like the visual field narrows and expands, in a pulating fashion, I think it follows the rythm of my heart beat.  It was barely perceptible so I didn't think much of it. But this time, I was excercising and when one of the excercises required me to look down, I had this visual disturbance BIG TIME. It was like I was through a glass that suddenly gets all foggy (like when one breaths on a mirror) and then back to normal, again in a pulsating fashion. It seems the pulse rhythm coincides with my heart beat. I could also feel my heartbeat  thumping through my temple area, I would have attributed this last part to just pressure on my head from the excecise effort, but the eye  thing, the going and coming of the vision really freaked me out. Since I had a more mild version for a few days, and this showed up much stronger  now I'm worried. What could this be?  
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You need to go to an ophthalmologist. I can't possibly answer your questions without knowing more. Pulsating vision and sensations which you describe may be attributed to a number of things. Near syncope (fainting) can cause this visual symptom. Also, carotid cavernous fistulas can cause this symptom. Other causes may be related to migraine headaches or problems with the balance of your eyes or blood sugar. You need a check up.
Best wishes,
Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
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