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Pulsating of eyeball..?

I have had a pulsing eyeball for about two weeks now.  Happens very frequently many times an hour.  I thought it was twitching of a muscle around my eye and was hoping it would just go away, but as I was putting drops in my eye my head was tilted just so that I saw my eyeball as the "twitch" happened and it was my eyeball it, the white area on my lower left eye, pulsed and dis-formed and went back to normal.  I am going to make an appointment in the morning but looking for answers now.  Any thoughts??  
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There are so many possibilities depending on whether what you are describing was really pulsations vs. something else.  Better wait and see what the ophthalmologist says prior to discussing further.  Make sure you see an eye MD and not an optometrist so you are checked for the worse case scenario of pulsation which may be a form of fistula or other vascular abnormality behind the eye.

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