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Pulse in eye

I can see my pulse in my left eye. Mostly when pressure is applied to it or when I'm laying down.
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I sometimes notice this as well but usually after some strenuous exercise.  I wouldn't be applying pressure to the eye though and not sure why one would purposely do that.  You may want to mention to your opthalmologist.  Probably not a bad to idea to see your GP for a physical just to rule out things like elevated blood pressure or anything else.   Just my opinion, I am not a MD.
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I'm not purposely applying pressure to it, moreso when I'm resting my head on my arm I notice it is what I mean. I've had my eyes checked within the past week, my main question was if anyone else has dealt with this?  
If you have had a normal eye exam by an Eye MD ophthalmologist and a good physical exam by your family MD especially with your pulse and blood pressure then stop worrying about it. I have it myself. (but not from pushing on eye, don't do that)
Thank you, doctor. What causes yours?
It is normal in most people. It is the retina being stimulated by the pulse pressure (rise and fall of blood pressure within the eye).
Hello Dr. Hagan. I have one floaters in my left eye only is that bad? It's not alot but I notice it's only in my left eye. Also when I blink or look far left or right I see a black transparent circle, what is that?
A single floater with out flashes of light, pain, reduced vision, loss of peripheral vision is not usually a cause of concern. If any of those other symptoms you need to see an ophthalmologist. I can't tell you for sure what the side vision problem is.
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