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Purple highlights in vision?

Im a 28 year old male. For the past 5-6 years I have had floaters in both eyes, in the past year I started to notice what people I guess call visual snow. I dont see it much in light, notice it more at night but doesnt bother me a lot. Also this past year I noticed ghosting on objects, dont notice it all the time but sometimes I can see an object then part of it transparent next to it but goes away if I look away then look back. Kind of bothers me from time to time, but the most recent issue has me very depressed because I have no clue whats going on. About a month ago I was coming home from a friends house late at night, very tired driving on the freeway. My eyes were very heavy and kind of crossed, when that happened I noticed a purple color ghosting off all the lines on the freeway. It wasnt a solid purple color, more like a haze. Now ever since then I cant stop noticing this purple haze, it usually looks like its ghosting off of objects. If I look away and look back its gone or if I close one eye or the other it dissapears as well. Happens now during the day and or night.

I went to an optomologist-MD and they checked my eyes. They said I have 20/20 in both eyes, my retinas look very healthy as well as the nerve and blood vessels. Pressure is good, doctor said everything looks very healthy and nothing wrong with the gel as well like detached or anything. He didnt have an answer why I am experiencing this issue but thought it was due to possibly ear problems I had at the time. I had an ear infection with fluid in both ears along with tinnitus. Now that my ear problem seem to have gotten better the purple color is still an issue. Any ideas? Should I see a different type of doctor?
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See a neuro ophthalmologist. FInd one at www.aao.org

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Does this suggest you think something serious is wrong? Like have you heard of this before? Or just want to cover all the basis?
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Your symptoms are like chest pain, they always have to be taken seriously. There are many things that might cause your symptoms so serious, some trivial. You need the neuro-ophthalmologist to rule out the serious stuff.

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Did you ever get any answers for this?
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