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Question about my eye disease?
Hi. My name is Ray. I have an eye disease known as granular corneal dystrophy. I want to join the military and need 20/20 vision and also this disease is disqualifying unless I get a waiver. My questions are: Is there any cure such as laser treatment for the disease such as laser surgery even if I would have to get the procedure down a few times over my military career? and Is there any hope for improving my vision to 20/20 or better. I have 20/40 in both eyes with a stigmatism in one eye. I have had glasses before and they helped a bit, but my doctor was not the best seeing as he didn't know about my disease. I think another prescription could be more beneficial. Please provide any information you think may help. Thanks

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Granular Dystrophy is treatable. You would need to have a laser treatment (PTK) or corneal transplant. It can recur even after successful treatment. Try the new prescription first as this may get you to the 20/20 level.

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Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
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