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Question about myopia progression

I'll be 18 years old in May of this year, i have approximately -8 (right eye which is lazy) and -7 (left eye) vision, one year ago it was about -5 (left eye) and -6.75 (right eye which is lazy), my vision started to worsen since i was 9 years old but i did not know my prescription (for a certain reason that i won't be explaining) until i was 17.
I'm scared now, is this change in vision (-2 in one year!) normal considering nobody in my family ever had myopia(neither my ancestors) ?Will this progression stop soon?I'm really scared of this.I was not even putting a lot of pressure on my eyes in this year, been constantly making breaks and getting eyedrops and etc.
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No that amount of change is not normal.  You have high myopia which is an abnormal eye not "simple myopia" which is basically a normal eye. I would suggest you start by making sure you are getting your eye care from an Eye MD ophthalmologist,  not a non-physician optometrist and certainly not from a commercial change, they really don't care for your eyes as much as your glasses money.  I would suggest also you see a retina Eye MD for a baseline examination of your eyes. You are at higher risk of glaucoma, retinal detachment and macular degeneration.   We do not understand the genetics of high myopia and there is no way to determine how much myopia you ultimately will have.  These is especially true if you are Asian.   The world wide epidemic of "near work' has contributed to this (computers, reading, iphones, ipads, video gaming, texting, etc).  Also "indoor time"  children that are outside a hour/day have less myopia than kids that rarely go outside.   You also need to avoid eye trauma, contact sports and amusement thrill rides that bang the body around.
Sorry for stupid question but if it's not hereditary and it started developing when i was 9, then it should stop changing earlier than, say for people who had myopia since 5 or 6, am i correct?You might find me clingy, but I'm just so obsessed with this because i'm scared of going blind...have depression these days.
Were you low birth-weight? In an incubator?     If so that could account for it.   Are you Asian?  Myopia more severe in that racial group.  Have you see an ophthalmologist? Sometimes a cornea disease called keratoconus can cause this.  You need to see an eye MD soon for a discussion of these possibilities.
Doctor Hagan, i've been reading recently about glaucoma, i've read that medications after long use don't save you from progression of glaucoma and when it becomes severe, even surgery does not save you from blindness, they say that surgery needs to be done ASAP.Is this true?Does surgery at later stages of glaucoma really does not help?I mean, if one goes to ophtalmologist every 6 months, he might notice that medications prescribed by him don't work well, consequently, he will send his patient on surgery, no?
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I don’t know where you are reading that about glaucoma but virtually everything you said is incorrect. Most people with glaucoma do not go blind or have bad vision. Most people that do go blind or have bad vision either were not diagnosed until the glaucoma was far advanced or do not use their mediciations and/or keep their appointments with their ophthalmologist.  Probably fewer than 1-2% of people with glaucoma need surgery. Glaucoma surgery using the MIGS techniques has high success.  
I went to the ophtalmologist that was checking me in may of 2017, results are good: -4.75 (left eye) and -5.75 (lazy right eye), she checked me thoroughly, eye pressure was normal (19 in left eye and 21 in right eye), change in a year was -0.25, retina condition was normal as well, i cannot properly express my happiness, considering that i'm almost 18 already, soon it will stop changing.
The -7 was given me by some idiot ophthalmologist who only checked me for 10 minutes, did not even ask about prescription of my glasses, did not even check eye pressure.I don't believe him, what do you think?Could my vision worsen by -2 without me noticing it??It's impossible, clearly he made tons of mistakes.
In young myopes (you) the glasses test has to be done AFTER DILATION  otherwise its like the RX will be too strong (like yours)  that is due to false or 'pseudo' myopia due to the focus muscle of the young eye contracting during the glasses test.  Always get a 'cycloplegic refraction" not a 'manifest refraction"
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