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Question about rebound hyperemia

I started taking Visine a year ago when I noticed my eyes were kind of red from allergies/tiredness. I've just found out about rebound hyperemia, and want to quit before I harm my eyes anymore. So my questions are:

1. How long would it take for my eyes to recover if I quit cold turkey?
2. At what point would my symptoms(i.e. redness) be the worst after quitting?
3. How can I diminish redness after quitting?

I'm in high school, and am not able to get a lot of sleep at night due to the typical messed up Circadian rhythms thing. When I have not used eye drops for a day or two in the past, I've been called a stoner and other similar things. I really don't want to hear that kind of stuff on a regular basis while my eyes are recovering, but am not sure what else to do.
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1.  A few days to a week if there is not another problem present.

2. Depends on the cause of the redness.

3. Treat the cause of redness.  Please see an EyeMD.

Dr. O.
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Assuming the only problem is dependence on the visine, and not dry eye, at what point would you think the redness would be worst after quitting the visine?
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