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Question about scintillating scotoma

Hello! Sorry for bad english.

I sometimes have a semi-transparent stain in the right eye near the fixation point. It looks like a small scintillation scotoma. The stain lasts 5-15 minutes and disappears, but sometimes it repeats a few minutes after the first appearance.

The scotoma always appears in the same place. Expansion of the scotoma does not occur, it is always the same size (unlike scotoma during an aura with migraines).

In addition, this spot is visible only if I blink. Ophthalmic examinations are clean.

Tell me please, can this be a special form of scintillation scotoma or is it something else?
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Thank you!
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I completed a full ophthalmological examination (except for fluorescent angiography). Also I was examined by a neurologist, but no answers.

Clarify, please: if it was an atypical migraine, then:

1. The spot would always be visible, and not only with blinking.
2. The spot would be well seen with closed eyes.
3. The spot would not be transparent.
4. A spot would be in two eyes.

Are these the correct theses?

p.s. in 90% of cases this spot appears with severe visual fatigue. However, my doctor believes that eye fatigue never leads to such spots. He also believes that if the cause is often fatigue, then this is something similar to migraine (I also suffer from visual snow).
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If migraine scotoma atypical:   Would NOT be there except during atypical migraine. 2. Would be able to be seen with eyes open and shut but could be ONE or BOTH eyes. 3. Usually they ARE transparent  4 See # 2
Thank you!
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You need more testing before saying: "ophthalmic exams are clean"  You would need to see an Eye MD ophthalmologist and  besides a glasses test and dilated exam need:  Macular and never fiber layer OCT, Visual Field and Amsler tests and possible a fluoroscene angiography.    If it is an atypical migraine scotoma (an exclusion diagnosis after all other tests done). You should be able to see it with your eyes completely shut.
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