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RD and normal activities

Hello Dr. O. I will post a new question, as I was sugested by Dr. Hagan, and I hope you will answer.
Can hard braking with car, and by that I mean braking when head goes a little toward the windshield cause retina to detach again (but without hitting anithing), 73 days after surgery (silicon oil is in the eye)?..
Also, after that time what weight do you allow your patients to lift, can they lift over 20 lbs or not?
Oh, and just one more question, if anything would go wrong again with retina, could I see normal, lets say, clear picture with that eye?

Thank you.
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No, especially when there is silicone oil in the eye.  At  73 what ever is comfortable for you to lift.  Since you had silicone oil, I doubt you will see normally in the future.

Dr. O.
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Hey doc, regarding this normal activities... On the last exam my surgeon told me that I can ride a bike, but I forgot to ask him about bumps on the road, as some old roads are bumpy, and when I'm on bike, I can feel that my head is going up and down a little... He also advised me not to run... so, can we put running when head is also bouncing with the bouncing while riding bicycle, in the same category? Or is running a little bit more stressful?

Can that little bouncing on bike cause some damage to retina?

I'm now 6 months since my last operation (oil change), what would you say to your patients with RD?


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Thank you very much for your time and answer.

Greetings from Croatia :)
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