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RE: Rental Disorder: Is it AMPEE

Having recently completed four months on prednisone for a reoccurance of AMPEE, I am waiting for my two-month follow-up with the doctor in May.  So far, so good, but the question lingers as to whether this will be an ongoing issue for me.  My retina specialist says that if it does come back that he thinks it might be serpiginous choroiditis rather than AMPEE and that he will send me to Emery for further testing.  

Can you shed some light into this potential diagnosis for me?  How serious is this disorder/disease?


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Both can be serious, both can persist or reoccure. Good reference on seripigous:

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Hello Dana,
I was diagnosed with Serp Chor  over one year ago. Please look at the web-site EyeRounds.org. Feel free to e-mail me any questions you may have. I am in contact with other people who have the same disease. We are rare!! This is a mystery disease.
Feel free to contact me.
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Hi Nikole!
You are the first person that I have heard of that has this rare disease.  I read in your profiile about your eyesight.  Did you have your vision loss in the 1+ year that you have had serpiginous choroiditis?  If so, that is quite scary!  My heart truly goes out to you and all that you have been through with this.  

What were your initial symptoms?  How long did it take to get a proper diagnosis?  

The reason I ask is that I have been receiving treatment for AMPEE for the last 9 months and had a completly new growth (very rare) in the same eye at the beginning of this year.  It was shortly after this reoccurance that the doctor voiced his concerns about serpiginous choroiditis.  Over this 9-month period, my vision has gotten worse in my left eye (where the spots are present), as I have 5 blind spots. Fortunately, the right eye has been left unharmed.  For that I am grateful.

Thank you for the website information and for responding to my post.  

Best wishes to you!
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New growth....You go girl!!!
My vision loss has increased over the last year. It began with a "retinal detachment" on Mother's Day week 2006...almost two years ago and 4 operations later. The doctors I was seeing were supposed to be the best in the area. What I have is over their head. I was sent to Miami when I begun to have symptoms of Hystoplasmosis. In Miami I was diagnosed with Serp. I was put on several Auto-Immune drugs and predisone (60MG)  my best friend. The predisone decreases the number of spots I have throughout the day. I have no vision to the side of my left eye and 3 blind spots in the middle. I run a fantastic restaurant in Florida. I have over 70 employees and stay busy every minute. This darn thing is not going to get me!
I am going to see a new doctor in Mass the beginning of May. He has been on the show Mystery Diagnosis on the Discovery Channel. I am soooo excited and scarred out of my mind at the same time!  
Dana please stay in contact. Stay positive and think positive! I do
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