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A few months ago I made an account on here and begged for help. I did not get the help I needed.

I went to doctor after doctor... Each one telling me they have no clue what it is...

All of a sudden one night I look at my keybored and i see two of each letter...

I desided that It was because i did not have sleep... So i went to bed got up... And wouldnt you know it... ha still there...

So i go to the big old H and tell the doctor my story and because he did not really care he said it was a lazy eye... Which btw later i got checked and did not have a lazy eye...

what i see: I see a transparent image of what im looking at above... If its night time and im looking at a bright object such as a street sign its much worse... I see it under the read image both sides and many above... No one had a clue...

Anyway i went to a (forgive spelling) opthomologist... then another then another... All said they never heard of it... Months past and i went to a nurologist... Nope he did not know either...

I went for a nuclear injection shot and had a CT scan... Nope... Then i had an MRI... Guess what? Nothin wrong...

My eyes were 100% A ok!

Ha.. Well from start to today... The day i got diagnost... Has been 7 or 8 months... Most people on the internet have said years... Thats why i desided to come back to actually help someone...

I went to the Kingston medical hospitle where they train doctors so they dont mess around... Btw the wait for the appointment was 5 months whcih sucked but whatever...

I got in... Spoke with the nice gentlemen... Told him my problems... Expecting to not get anything out of it... He did the usual tests... See if im color blind... see if i can see 3D objects... Etc etc... I passed with flying colors forgive the pun :D

so he had a look at my eye with that machine and the bright light thats really annoying.. He said everything looked fine... Lol heard that before! But then he said well I have heard of this etc etc... OMG!!! A light at the end of the tunnel... He just said we gotta figure out how to fix it...  So he ran some other tests like to check if i had a lazy eye (i dont btw) and the presure of my eye... he puts freezing in the eye and then somthing presses on the eye... doesnt hurt just feels strange.

Anyway he said he would brb with a good docotr... Cant think of what they r called... They are doctors that deal with problems from sending an image to the brain and decoding it etc etc... he looked at me for 5 10 min... BAMB! he knew what it was even tho he did not say it...

He ran tests after tests... No blood nothing... Just with eye machines n stuff... Then i did the ... 1 or 2? 1 or 2? ermmm 1 is better? test lmao... And turns out my perscription was wrong! ha but thats not what caused it i just added that for gigs...

and then i did the pin hole test... and god damn in the middle not a darn ghost image!!!!

Finally the last test told me what it was... It takes a scan of the eye from angles... not just looking stright into it... Its spins around and the light is damn near blinding... Anyway it looked around my cornea i think it was... He called me in... And told me what it was.

My cornea is warped... At least im sure it was the cornea... And he said your eye is acting like a prisim... 1 beam of light goes in... 5 8 10 beams go to the brain... which in turn makes the multiple transparent images!!!!

I almost cried with releaf... Not cuz i was cured but because i knew what it was... being turned down by so called docotrs month after month has a serius emotional time... To the point where i would break down crying...

Then he said...

Good and bad news...

Good news is it can be treated...

Bad news is it aint covered by o-hip (canadian medical care)

3 options i was givin...

1: differnt glasses.. Which is not a great choice because the lens has to be 100% perfectly centure and lets face it... thats not easy when u bump ur glasses slightly and everything gone for crap.

2: Hard contact lenses... Why? because when you move your eye the contact moves with it therefore NO GHOST IMAGE!!!!!

3: (sadest part) surgery... Almost a 100% chance of fixing it... Only trouble is this aint covered! DAMN! Dont know the cost but its thousends apon thousends of dollors...

So either i get a loan and go for the surgery or get hard lenses and never have to wear glasses again! Which is also a bonus!

But one day I want the surgery... because tbh i love my glasses lol...

Anyway i have seen hundreds of threads like this... Ask your doctor about some of the things you have read here... and maybe the doctor will start to care and do more than the 1 stright look at the eye test and say ur fine!

This is my help to you... I suffered in emotional and physic suffering and hopfully this thread will allow you to suffer less time than i.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask...

Please dont remove this thread as it may help someone... I know its not a question but at least let people see it.

Thank you all.
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Hi Doc, I am facing the same problem. How can I get this cured. Please tell the name of the treatment this guy used or any other. Please reply!
I chose not to post a response. That post was 8 years ago. There are literally dozens of posts like that.   There really isn't the mystery that original poster  suggests.  What he posted is called a 'ghost image" the differential diagnosis for that is pretty straight forward:  needing glasses, having glasses that are are wrong prescription, glassses that do not fit, or ground or manufactured improperly, switching back and forth between glasses and contact lens,  IRREGULAR CORNEAL ASTIMATISM WHICH SHOWS UP EASILY ON CORNEA TOPOGRAPHY (THE POSTER'S PROBLEM), cataracts, vitreous opacities and macular disease.     So see an ophthalmologist, have a careful glasses test, have a cornea topography, have a macular OCT, have a dilated medical exam to be sure no cataract.   This is an everyday problem and not the 'only case on earth' situation the original poster makes it.
Thank you so much doc for the response.

1) An interesting thing to note is that I am a new myope (got my glasses 2 weeks ago or so) and I am facing this problem ever since. This gives me a feeling that this could be due to my eyewear. Because it has scratches and get's dirty easily.
2) Another thing is that I am sure that the ghost vision changes when i blink. That kinda rules out the macular disease thing ilI guess. Something might be wrong with my cornea.
3) Moreover, in daylight it's nothing noticeable. But in diffused light, when I go in a room, it shows up. And at night it's intense. White text on black background summons it in all it's might.
Plus, I play video games alot and study late till night. Dunno if this is the cause.
Does any of these rules out the possible causes or points to a particular one to you? (I will need your help in future. Thank you again! I am seeing a doctor today).
I saw an eye specialist today. He literally did not have the slightest clue about this. I tried to convince him what might be the case and he says it might be a psychological problem. I am sure my and the poster's case is same. He did the pinhole test and like the poster I didn't see a single ghost image. On my insistence, he gave me a card of an eye surgeon who can do topography. He lives in some other city. Not sure when I am going. I have never been this sad before!
He also said that you I don't have an Astigmatism. I asked whether it's regular or irregular. He said you just don't have astigmatism. I think my cornea is warped. (Which I wonder how could be treated).
If you vision clears when you blink you may have dry eyes. Try using artificial tears 3-4 times/day for a couple of weeks.  Go ahead and get the cornea topography. If possible see a corneal Eye MD specialist.
Does warped cornea mean keratoconus? Apparently my eye doesn't seem the ones that show up when searching on google images.
When searching *keratoconus
And blinking makes the ghosting disappear rather clearer. Kinda like restores it.
And blinking doesn't make the ghosting disappear rather clearer. Kinda like restores it.
Is this still dry eyes?
"I don't have an astigmatism" is only true when your cornea has been sculpted or molded into an unnatural perfect sphere, which would make your corneal topograph all one color.  That doesn't happen often. Everyone has minor imperfections in their anatomy that are perfectly capable of creating polyopia in low-light, high-contrast conditions. You can prove it by looking through a pinhole and seeing the ghosts disappear.
That statement is totally incorrect.  "Astigmatism" merely means aspherical.  Most corneas whether operated on or not, whether injured or not have some astigmatism.   Ghosting  can be due to  variety of conditions some corneal, others lens, vitreous, macular even optic nerve related.    Even a perfect eye, lens, cornea has some degree of optical abberations as do all lens systems.  A pin hole will correct a whole variety of problems including in many cases given clear vision without ghosting.   So pin hole impoved vision does not tell where the abberations area.
Hi Doc, I'd like to inform you that in the light of one of the causes that you stated "glasses manufactured or ground improperly", I bought new specs for 1500 PKR. The previous ones costed 600 PKR. The new pair seemed to work out. They fixed my ghosting to a great extent. Not 100%, but it's not that problematic anymore. (Bright objects on dark background still cause some ghosting, but it's reduced. But the other way around is nearly gone).
Thank you so much! Your reply saved my life.
Glad to be of help, glad your problem is much improved.
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It is most thoughtful of you to take the time to post this information. I am sure everyone on this forum thanks you.
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I have the same problem and was wondering what specifically this surgery is? Is it a lens replacement surgery or laser surgery or what exactly?
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Hi, I've similar symptom, you can read my situation here:


What's your situation nowdays? Did you fix the problem? What surgery type did you write about exatly (PRK, Lasik, etc)? What corneal part was involved exatly (epithelium, stroma, etc.)? What medical exams did you do to understand what corneal part was damaged exatly (corneal topography, corneal pachymetry, etc)? Did you has eyes pain too?

Thank you very much from Italy.
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Thank you ,thank you ,thank you. I have had almost a parallel experience to yours. In fact I have printed your posting and will bring it to the doctor to read on tuesday.
I have been searching for answers and I want to thank you for following up on your post and informing everyone about the out come. Most threads on here lead no where, as the cured dont seem to bother to re post once they are  well.
I hope you get that surgery you want one day and it is 100% successful. I will, I think, if offered have to go for the hard contacts as I dont have any insurance.
Thanks again, you have helped my enormously.:-) WW.
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