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RESTOR IOL,decentration and YAG

I had cataract surgery on my left(dominant) eye on Feb 28th with a RESTOR lens implanted. My near vision was excellent for about 5 days.Then it got blurry and waxy .At my 1 week visit I was told that the Dr. had never heard of waxy vision and that my problem was my tear film. At my next check I told him the symptoms persisted and I was told to use more Sustaine eye  drops. I had my 2nd cataract surgery on my right eye April 2nd with a RESTOR lens.It is great. My vision at near,mid and far are excellent and almost no haloing. My problems with my left eye continue.I asked my Dr. about decentration and he dismissed that idea out of hand. Instead he used the YAG on my eye and now instead of the halos I saw before the  YAG procedure , I now  have 8 pointed starbursts around every light I look at when I walk my dog at nite.(Christmas will be great if this isn't fixed because i have 8 Christmas trees to put up with a thousand lites on each of them!! The starbursts will undoubtedly drive me crazy.)I have just read that having YAG makes it much more difficult to  reposition or to remove the RESTOR if it comes to that.
  I think it needs needs to be repositioned because if I close my right eye then gently press the outer canthus of my left eye toward my nose, all of the blurring and ghosting  disappears and my vision is clear. My problem with doing it is that I sew and do Stained Glass and it's really going to be a challenge to keep my finger in my eye and cut out patterns in glass or fabric!!! I told my Dr about this and he said it was not possilble that the lens is decentered nor that I am able to center my pupil over the lens in this way. I watched in the mirror as I did it and it looks as if it is quite possible; Otherwise I am a phenomenon for the textbooks!!!   Is it possible to manually move the pupil over the lens to acheive a simulation of where the IOL reaches being centered??
      I do not want to be unreasonable. I feel as though i am being patronized and blown off  by my Dr.
and after looking up the information about YAG and repositoning I am extremely concerned that the problem cannot now be rectified

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1)  Waxy vision is well know.  It is hard to believe your surgeon does not know.
2) Why did you have surgery in your other eye when you had problems with the first?

3) Your probably have a residual refractive error ( power or astigmatism).  Please get a second opinion.

Dr. O.
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Thumbs up on the second opinion.  I am in the same situation with different details.  I ended up at a Retenal Specialist.  Now I'm forced to get a lawyer.  With my eye diagnosis I should have never been given this lens.  Don't give up. Your on the right path.  I just wonder why the manufacturer doesn't train the doctors to trouble shoot better.  I hate to become one of their statistics.  All problem ReStor patients need to speak up.  Maybe we can get something done.  I wish it was more than about dollars and more about ethical integrity. Our doctors should find answers for us not the lawyers. Sorry I'm very confused about all of this & need answers too.  
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