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My mother (60 y/o, healthy) is about 2 weeks post-op after having cataract surg. with ReStor implanted. Her vision is COMPLETELY blurry with no improvement at all post-op. I noticed when I saw her last week something looked strange with her eye and thought it was due to the fact that she had been dialted...however, I saw her today and noticed that if you look into her eye when she moves her eyeball, blinks, etc. that something is actually JIGGLING inside. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? She describes a feeling of something "bothering"her, that she can actually feel something, aside from the fact that she is basically blind in that eye. The doctor originally told her that the blurry vision would go away, that she was not a "fast healer". We are very worried and discouraged. I have suggested that she see another doctor here in NY. Does anyone know what is going on (especially with the jiggling) and/or have a Dr. to suggest in NYC?  THANK YOU!!
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The "jiggling" you are seeing are likely reflections off the front surfice of the implant (IOL). This web site has a huge number of postings from people having problems with the ReStor IOL. Some get better with time but many do not. We would suggest you not be in a hurry to implant another ReStor IOL in the other eye and that your mother plan on wearing glasses for much of her visual needs.

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Thanks for your response. She is NOT planning to have one implanted in the other eye. Do you suggest that she have it explanted? It seems as though something is not right. She was never corrected to 20/20 with glasses and I have read that she should NOT have been considered a good candidate for these lenses. BTW- Can light reflection appear to have such movement? It looks as if there is some sort of liquid inside......THX.
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