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RNFL thinning in left eye

I was hoping I could get some information, I'm a 21 year old guy. A couple months ago I had a glaucoma test from a specialist due to a inaccurate reading of my IOP (23 on puff-test) at a commercial optometrist (my IOP is actually around 16-17 on goldmann with CCT of 605). My doctor said every thing is as it should be with all the test, but told my my left nerve had a slight thinning red zone that was small, and didn't seem alarmed at all and said come back in 12 months and that it was either a past incident, the way I was born etc.

I'm pretty worried, what could have caused this area to be like that? Is this a common finding for a 21 year old. The only eye condition I have is pretty bad solar damage in both eyes (I have a small central blind spot in each eye for stupidly staring at the eclipse). Is it possible that caused this? My doctor really didn't seem bothered at all by it, she was a glaucoma specialist - shouldn't this be ''something''.or related to a  unknown health condition?
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If the glaucoma specialist isn't worried neither should you.  Thinning of the nerve fiber layer is common in myopes and in people with large physiologic Cup/disk ratio.   Solar maculopathy would not be a cause.  It would only be a problem if over time it got thinner and thinner.  Which is unlikely.
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Thankyou, from what I remember my cup/disk ratio is 0.44 in both eyes, I don't think I'm myopic - I would know if  I was right?
That is normal size. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Those focal thinning show up frequently in normal OCTs.
Thankyou alot John Hagan, I'm really concerned over it. My specialist and other doctors all seem ''confident'' but I'm out the office before I remember to ask what I'm worried over.
Is the ''focal thinning'' the red zone I described?
Yes, the results are like a stop sign   Green  normal thickness   Yellow boarderline   Red thinner than normal  but some degree of yellow and/or red often appear in normal eyes.
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