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Re: Bilberry Supplements

Posted By Diane on July 05, 1999 at 13:39:58
I have posted a question: "still no dx" on the 1st of July and am greatful for your help. But I have a few more questions if you don't mind:  1) What does "disc at risk" mean and what could be causing it? My disc is pale, has something wrong with the border that I didn't question further, and also have afferent pupil defect from what the last specialist saw.  2) Could I have normal tension glaucoma? My 30 y/o son was seen  by Army optho who saw swollen optic nerve and thinks he might have glaucoma(more tests coming up for him.) 3)Back in December I heard that Bilberry supplements could help eyesight so I took a couple for my night blindness but the next day I had the most excusciating, pulsing pain on right side of head behind ear...it lasted for a few hours and all I could do was lie down and pray it would go away. My florescein angio showed a bit of blood in the retina that was dx'd as a tiny hemmhorage. Could I have had a vascular tauma? It was after that event that I noticed my vision dimming. I actually thought it was a cataract...which they say I do have but there is something else going on. Thank you for any answers to my questions.

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Posted By HFHS MD-JL on July 05, 1999 at 14:59:30
It sounds as though you have a complicated eye history.  It is hard for us to comment on your remarks without seeing you.  Hopefully you are in good hands.
There have been no long term studies on the effect of bilberry on the eye.  I do not have any experience myself to report.
I have not used the term disk at risk, this is vague.  If you have a pale nerve and an afferent pupillary defect there is certainly something wrong with your optic nerve.  These include strokes, optic nerve compression, otic neuritis and many others.  This need to be investigate thoroughly.
Swollen optic nerves are not typically a sign of glaucoma.  Some people are born with nerves that look swollen but they are normal for them.  A ct scan is usually recommended to rule out any problem in the head that could be causing swollen nerves.  Given his age a stroke causing early swelling is not likely.  This needs to be worked up.
The tiny dot of hemmorhage could be caused by many things including vascular retinal problems.  An angiogram may help make the diagnosis.
Good luck.  This information was provided for educaitonal purposes only.
Call 8003637575 to arrange to see a Henry Ford Ophthalmologist.

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Posted By hfhs md ke on July 06, 1999 at 11:56:31
"disk at risk" refers to an optic nerve with a very small cup to disc ratio ( the amount of central cupping, or scooped out area, vs. the surrounding pink, healthy tissue ) these optic nerves, often seen in far sighted people, are felt to be most at risk for what is called an AION-  anterior ischemic optic neuropathy-  or a mini stroke to the nerve-  the theory is that the large amount of optic nerve tissue "chokes" off the blood supply, thus causing a stroke-  it is only a theory, though the correlation between AION victims and the"disc at risk" is quite striking. i hope this helped.

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Posted By Thank you.... on July 06, 1999 at 20:44:22
Thank you so much for giving me that bit of information. It helps, even tho' it sounds scarey.  I have never worried over a health issue before in my life. I have mitral valve prolapse, limb-girdle muscular dystrophy and osteoarthritis...and I've managed to cope just fine. But this eye problem without any kind of dx has been driving me absolutely nuts. I guess losing sight is much more frightening for me than any other disease. I love to read, to use the computer, still drive...so it's a real health risk for me. I realize it isn't easy to diagnose some of these complicated eye/brain problems, but if we keep looking for answers, we may be able to intervene in time. Thanks again...to all of you who have answered my many questions.

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