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Reading glasses

Recently I started to see blurred vision on the computer and the nerves near the eye ball are turned eye. And also I see a small bump kind of think next to the eye ball. I went to see a doctor and she said its just eye strain. She gave a prescription after examing me. It says:
O.D : SPH +0.75  CYL  -0.50 AXIS 075
O.S : SPH +0.75

Do I need to wear glasses for sure? If yes Can I get the readymade ones instead of custom one?
I am very young to get glasses for reading. I am very confused.
This started all of a sudden from last week. I never had a problem with the  vision. Can I do something which can make it better..I mean regarding food.
FYI:  I am computer engineer and I sit all day in front of the computer. My age is 28.
Please advice.
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Forgot to add more info...
At the bottom of the prescription, It says ADD +0.25 FOR PAL
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I would suggest you get a second opinion before you get that pair of glasses. Most people your age don't need that type of glass and it may even be a progressive bifocal.

See an Eye MD ophthalmologist. When you are seening ask that they do a refraction by "fogging" you and seeing how much farsighted correction your eyes will take. Be sure to take your glasses RX in from the first eye doctor and show them.

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I think you should start wearing reading glasses, as you will delay it then the power of lens can be increased.As we do read eBooks,PDFs files from computer,as we have to concentrate and that can damage our eyes but wearing a reading glass will save our eyes from getting strain. I usually wear reading glasses at the time of reading and my doctor suggest me to purchase from http://www.citysunglass.com/,as their glasses quality is good.
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