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Recent aneurysm in R eye - retinal area

I have Fuchs Corneal Dystrophy dx in mid-1980's.  In mid 1990's had bilateral cateract extractions with lens implants.  Was noted as successful.  I had corneal transplants bilaterally (08 & 09) with a very successful outcome.  I had laser surgery bilaterally in late September '10 to "sharpen my vision" due to scar tissue.  Three weeks prior to laser procedure, surgeon did eval prior to surgery date - no issues reported.  Immediately following bilaterally laser, the surgeon noted arterial bleed in right eye that was not present on eval exam prior to surgery.  He referred me to a retinologist and was seen 2 days later who dx aneurysm in right eye retinal area but not in field of vision.  He pointed out the bleed was recent and was unable to give me implications;  he also pointed out atherosclerosis of the arteries in my eye  He suggested folllow up labs to eval CHOL and LIPIDS with primary physician.  Lab essentially noted no significant changes other than trigly. was 168H.  Total chol was 214 with HDL of 119 and LDL of 61.  I have no HX of hypertension and BP has remained essentially WNL.  My paternal family hx (father deceased at 59; his brother deceased at 59 (both due to CHD).  My maternal grandparents died in mid 30's, due to strokes.  Maternal uncles died in their early 60's from MI.  My mother died at 76 cause unclear (2 weeks post color surgery).  I am 69 yoa.

I have started a new diet regime to lower my trygly., weight and BMI along with exercise regime.  My major question - regards exercise, exertion and sex/orgasms.  I am concerned about my overall aterial status as well.    Where should I go from here as no further work up has been suggested to evaluate further.  Thank you.
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All in all, the small retinal macroaneurysm is usually its own unique thing and unrelated to cerebral anerysms.  They can be associated with hypertension and atherosclerosis and being a motiviated and bright person you have already delved into that issue are taking steps to improve your cardiovascular health as much as possible.  I'm proud of you.  Bascially, there's not much else to say other than keep up your appointments with your retinal specialist and regular ophthalmologist.
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