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Recurring Retinal Detachment

I am a 34 year old female.  I had retinal detachment surgery when I was 25 after I went in because I couldn't "see out of part of my eye".  I was seeing a curtain over my right eye.  I went to a regular eye dr, was sent immediately to a retinal specialist, who saw a detachment in my right eye and a retinal tear in my left eye.  My right eye was repaired with a full scleral buckle around it and my vision has been fully restored.  My left eye's retinal tear was repaired through laser surgery.  I really thought that was the end of it.  Was going to my retinal specialist annually, but then I stopped and waited 4 years for my last checkup.  They found two holes in my left eye.  They did laser surgery two weeks ago.  I thought that would fix it, but found out last week, that it did the opposite and now I have a detachment in my left eye.  I will be having surgery sometime in teh next month or two.  The detachment is not in my "peripheral vision" as the drs say...it is more in my upper right corner of my eye and I do see a tiny portion of my vision blocked, but it's really not enough to bother me.  My retinal specialist is currently on maternity leave so we're trying to hold off until she returns to do my surgery (scleral buckle) in my left eye.  I just don't understand...I feel too young to be going through this.  The dr the other day thinks I may possibly have retinal degeneration.  I don't know for sure if this means that this will continue to happen even after surgery again.  Has anyone else experienced this?
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i have not had recurring detachments but i did have scleral buckle surgery about 4  weeks ago.  i am only 23 years old and i hope not to have another detachment, but it seems like im high at risk for that happening.  wouldnt they want to operate right away on your other eye since the retina is detached, and not wait for your doctor to come back?  is that curtain in your upper right corner getting bigger or does it stay the same?  
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I know what all of you are going through and I'm only 23 too. I had the retina in my left eye detach towards the end of Feb. and had surgery to place a scleral buckle along with a gas bubble injection and lasering. Then only two weeks later I found out that the surgery wasn't successful and had to have another one. The first surgery exacerbated the cataract in my left eye so I had to have that removed and then had more lasering and a vitrectomy and more gas injected into my eye.
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Hi everyone,

I'm almost 23 myself, and I have a small retinal detachment in my right eye.  I know how it feels to be thinking "aren't I too young for this??"  I had cryopexy done three weeks ago but I may have to go back for a scleral buckle.  It's good to know we aren't alone.  Good luck to you all!
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I had a crystalens implanted this past August 08.  I am 50 and my vitreous was so dry, because of all these floaters.  I think the vitreous had been gradually pulling on my retina.  It started to detach in the upper right corner a month later 9/08.  The macula was still on, thank god or I would have chartered a plane to the netherlands where it is easy to seek physician assisted suicide.  This would have been the last card.  At this point 3 months out, the laser repair prooved to be successful, the biggest pain was the gas bubble which lasted 6 weeks,  The MD put a heavy duty one in to make sure the retina would remain flat and push out any fluid, a good insurance policy.  The gas bubble is annoying and also the key ingredients are FOLLOW THE HEAD POSITION RULE AND DO NOT, I MEAN DO NOT BEND OVER FORWARD USE YOUR LEGS TO DO THESE TASKS!!!!!!  MAKE SURE YOU STAY ON SCHEDULE WITH YOUR DROPS

My visual acuity is excellent, the only thing that happened which I am being treated for is I had an adhesion between the back of my pupil and front of the capsular bag.  It is between the 10 & 1:30 position, which was causing part of my pupil to remain stuck open causing the dreaded starburst, glare issues.  I thought for sure my life was over, but was relieved to know this condition is very treatable.  BECAUSE I CAREFULLY FOLLOWED DR ORDERS, EVERYTHING IS GOING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.  IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT PERFORMING YOUR ACTIVITIES, WHETHER IT MAY BE A STUPID QUESTION, ASK YOUR SURGEON, NOT A TECH.  REMEMBER, THE DUMBEST QUESTION IS THE ONE NOT ASKED.

I hope my shared experience will help you folks out, certainly no one in my household understands what I have experienced, because they do not have these eye issues.  I hope nothing but the best for all you folks and I really feel your pain.  Have a Happy NewYear for whatever it is worth.
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I'm 42. I had my retina (right)  re attached 3  weeks ago. My vision before was waaay better than it is now, sometimes i can't help but wonder will my near-perfect vision ever come back. I underwent  gas bubble, scleral buckle and vitrectomy, tho' my retinas weren't fully detached but my doctor said it has a tears and holes.
My eye is a bit droopy too. When can i conclude that the operation is a successful one? I've heard some say that it will take months and months but my doctor said i'm recovering quite well. I can still  feel pain and tenderness around my eye

I thought i was alone too
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