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Recurring and Unknown Eye Inflammation


I am asking about my eye problem here because I am not able to see my optometrist anymore, having no insurance to pay for my visits.

Earlier this summer, I had a protein buildup on my eye from wearing my contacts too much. I was given FML Forte and another eye drop (I cant remember its name) and took it until the buildup cleared.

I wanted to wear contacts again and when I tried, my eyes became irritated and inflamed, teary. I went back to the eye doctor, and was given new drops, called Zylet.

My eyes have improved, with little to no irritation, and I tried a new pair of contacts and they felt fine, taking them out I had no eye irritation, and even a few days after my eyes were clear.

Then the irritation and redness randomly appeared again. I hadn't worn my contacts in days and yet my eyes became red. Not watery or otherwise agitated, but red as did the skin when you pull down your eye.

I went back to the eye doctor, used the Zylet again, and it worked - my eyes felt fine, normal, great.

Then... the redness appeared after I stopped using the Zylet. I had not worn my contacts in almost a month.

I do not know why this problem keeps happening, and I would really just like to wear my contacts. I thought the problem was irritation from my contacts but it keeps recurring despite my disuse.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

Both of my eyes are affected.

Thank you!
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You seem to do poorly in contacts.  You could consider takin a long several month break from contacts, then wearing them much less and using a daily disposable lens and daily allergy drop like Pataday.  In the meantime you may to look into lasik surgery or glasses.
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