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Red, Cracked, Itchy, Cracked eyelids

Ok, so i've searched many sites and threads regarding similar issues but i figured i'd start my own b/c it seems that it  may differ from other issues. This issue has been bothering me for over a year now. What happens is the skin around my eyes, above and below becomes very red. The skin all around the eye becomes dry, flakey, and itchy, and the upper eyelid eventually becomes cracked and, for instance, when i run, the sweat makes my eyelid burn.

I don't wear any makeup and for the better part of the time ive been washing my face with Cethaphil facewash. If i use any lotion on my face its Neutrgena oil-free for sensitive skin, but a the same time i try to avoid the area around my eyes. I also take daily claritan and vitamins. I've gone to the doctor several times for this and i was told it was an allergy to something. Tried changing soaps, detergents, monitoring my diet, and the other standard reccomendations to no avail. I recently moved to Japan a couple months ago, and have completely changed pretty much anything i've previously used on my body, as well as my diet so i hoped that maybe that what was agrravating me before would no longer be present, but that is not the case.

My doctor once prescribed a steroid ointment, Desonide. It does help clear it up temporarily. The instructions say to stop using it once the condition has cleared up, but only a day or two without using it and the condition pretty much always returns. I would love any advice anyone may have.
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1. Use the search feature and look up "blepharitis". That's the most common cause of this problem.
2. Use Occusoft foam eyelid cleaner to clean your lids and prevent buildup of oil and debris in which Staphylococcus growns.
3. If your eyelid gets dry use Refresh-PM ointment on it.
4. If you have a bad flare up use the steroid for a short period of time.

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Hi !
I too have this crappy condition. It just came on over the summer. I was recently diagnosed with blepharitis and am trying to treat it with warm compresses, etc. I did find a good, natural product that pretty much takes away the redness. It;s called EMU gency first aid stick. It's emu oil and lots of other natural goodies. I haven't been wearing any eye make up (you may be allergic to make up). I bought this product at a health food store (Super Supplements) for only $6. I put it on in the morning and before I go to bed. In less than two weeks, the redness (and most of the itching) is 95% gone!! The product comes out of Montana. If you can't find it in Japan, try online. I am amazed how much it has helped. I previously had tried benedryl cream (made my eyes redder) and Vit. E. oil, which didn't take away the red or itch but helped keep moisturized. This problem ***** I know!! Good luck!
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I had similar issue, the corners of my eyes extending into the larger part of my eyelids suddenly became swollen, red, irritated.  I was at a loss to what was causing this issue.  I do have sensitive skin and sometime develop allergies to products I've used for years, so it can be a real mystery.  I found this forum and read lot of posts, trying to self diagnose.  In my case, I lived with it for about a week, trying compresses, OTC eye ointments, eczema creams, etc and finally just went to my eye doctor.

My eye doctor immediately diagnosed as an eye allergy (he said there was strong inflammation on the inside of my eyelids) and gave me Bepreve eye drops and a steroid cream, also taking oral Benadryl pills.  All immediately worked and brought my eyes back to normal.  I have narrowed down that I believe I've developed an allergy to my contact lenses.  Do you wear contacts??  I read on online medical advice wesite that you can have an allergy to the protein buildup on contacts as well.  Either way, I think I'll be switching to disposable lenses and hopefully that will take care of the problem long term.

This is just my personal experience.  However, if this is irritating you - go see your doctor.  It was a little pricey -but I wasted money on OTC treatments that weren't helping the cause of my irritation.  I would recommend seeing eye doctor first, because they can really inspect the inside of your eyes to see what is going on.  My doctor said if the remedies had not worked, I should see allergist.

I hope this is helpful to someone!  Good luck
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Mario badescu control cream...I read it on a thread and after six months of anguish it worked within two days. I am so grateful that I have to post on every site with the same affliction to help others. You can order online for $18
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OK.  so I got my Mario Badescu Control Cream and I used it .. after just 3 days all is well - no dryness, no redness, no itchiness, no swelling.  I no longer have the burning that the Selenium Shampoo-Selsun Blue (recommended by my doctor) - game me. Eucerin did absolutely nothing for the dryness ..but this Control Cream did the trick.  It didn't burn or irritate at all.  I initially used it about 3-4 times on the 1st day .. then less and now .. just a week after getting it . I really don't need to use it at all.  I'm afraid of mascara so I've yet to use the hypo-allergenic Allmay product I purchased, but I do use an eye pencil for color.  I do use the same moisturizer I was always using on my face, making sure to avoid the eye area.  All is well.  The little jar was about $17,but it will go a long way.  And if this ever comes up again, I will definitely get it again.  Thanks to all who recommended it..
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My eye doctor diagnosed my condition as Blepharaitis, but I have not seen a symptom that I have described in that condition.  My upper eyelids are redish \ purple and it looks like there are microscopic tears (by tears, I mean cracks, not fluid from my) in the lids.  The  thin cracks that look sort of like paper cut size and slightly glisten like open wounds.  These cracks would probably not be noticeable except when I put my face close to the mirror or if an eye dr. was examining me.

My eye dr. prescribed erythromycin and that made no difference whatsoever in the condition.  Likewise, sterilid two or three times a day made no difference at all.   I have also tried burts bees medicated lip balm on my eyelids to no avail.  My problem is cosmetic only and does not itch.  Before trying another eye dr., I figured I would ask if what I am describing is in fact a common symptom of blepharaitis.   Next on my list of things to try is artificial tears to see if somehow added lubrication to the eye will help the lid. I live in a dry climate.Any other ideas?  Thanks for your help!  I appreciate it.
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I had the same problem.  My eyelids looked like they had burn marks on them
and they were cracking.  After trying a steroid for skin near the eyes it cleared up but came back as soon as I quit using it.  I tried Mario Badescu control cream after seeing it in this thread.  It cleared up after 3 days and has not been back.  Thanks for recommending it.  I found it on Amazon.com if someone can't find it near them.  The other thing that helped was putting a humidifier in the bedroom for the winter.  Thanks again.
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I am SO happy I found this...
For about 7 months now I have been in agony.  I too have dry eye lids, under my eyes and around the corners.  It comes and goes, but is always there a little.  It will get so dry and cracked that even washing my face with water hurts.  I've tried every type of eye cream, moisturizer, etc.  I've gone to the dr and they prescribed a steroid cream and said it was an allergy.  I don't wear make up, I switched to Cetaphil, etc. etc. etc.  I've been going CRAZY.  Sometimes its so bad and my eyes get so swollen I can barely see.  I found the Mario Cream and the EMUgency stick online and am having them both sent to my house.  I can only hope I get some relief... I hate being in pain like this all the time - not to mention, its extremely unattractive :)

Thank you so much for the advice and I'll keep you updated if anything helps!!
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Can you tell me which control cream it was.
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I've had similar symptoms since Nov.2013, itchy, red, cracking upper eyelid skin with tearing (fluid).  The eye doc diagnosed blepheritis and said to soak eyes with a very warn, wet washcloth 3-4 times daily, but did not want to use steroids. That was momentarily comforting but the symptoms persisted. I was at my wits end referring to many online blogs seeking a solution.  I now use Toleriane facial cleanser, very mild for my face and eyelids, as recommended by an online eye doc.  At the same time I started using a salve, called emuaid on my eyelids 3-4 times a day, just a very thin coating.  The emuaid felt very soothing immediately and within 2 days the problem had calmed and after a week it's barely noticeable and continues to maintain.  I still have watery eyes, which tells me I don't want to stop the topical treatment, but for now I'm very pleased.  I'm not sure which product was the most effective, but if I had to guess I'd say the emuaid.  I found both products online, by recommendations from others with "our" problem!  Good luck...........I hope you find relief.
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I had been suffering from a similar skin condition. After using a many different ointments, my doc prescribed me desonide lotion. The allergy is almost gone (just a tiny portion on my left eye still not completely cured). But my eyelids have become extremely dark and with an uneven tone (some areas are darker than the other). Is there anything i can do about it? My eyes look dull and worn out all the time because of this. Please help.!!
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