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Red eye for three weeks

Posted by Debbie on July 18, 1999 at 15:13:55
My 4 year old daughter has had a red eye for three weeks.  We've been to a doctor and a physician's assistant.  
There is no pain (nothing in eye), no discharge (not pinkeye), and no rubbing of eyes (no allergies) - plus the fact that we were on vacation two of these weeks and therefore we weren't in one area that caused allergies - all the way from Nebraska, Oregon, California, Arizona.
The only two sources of irratation I can think of is the swimming pool we went to a couple days before the red eyes started; or she might have been poked in the eye with a dead tree limb in the mountains in Colorado - there also was LOTS of pine tree pollen blowing around.
A week after it started, the eye looked better for ONE day.  Then it got bad again and took her to a doctor in Oregon.  He prescribed Blephamide four drops a day.  We used this for a week and stopped because the eyes looked better (for at least two days).  However, during this time we were at the beach in California and both eyes got looking the same (slight redness), and there was one day we only got two drops.  
The eyes looked better for about three days although there was a little redness in both eyes (but we all had red eyes!).  Then 3 days ago they got bad again, mainly the right eye, but this time the other looked red also.  Took her to a physicians assistant and they prescribed Augmentin for five days and if it was better they would finish the five days.  If not I'm to take her to an eye specialist.  It's been only three days but the eye doesn't look better.
It looks so bad that I'm hoping it doesn't cause any eye problems.  There's still no discharge, so I guess it's not "serious".  Doesn't hurt either.  I'm planning on calling a specialist tomorrow, but is there anything I can do now?

Posted by HFHS MD-JL on July 18, 1999 at 22:19:01
It is unlikely that the Augmentin will do anything unless this is a bacterial conjunctivitis which based on your history, I doubt.  I certainly would recommend you see an ophthalmologist for evaluation of chronic conjunctivitis (lasting for over 3 weeks).  Some blood work may be necessary.  It is strange that everyone in the family also had red eyes.  This makes me think that it was something environmental.  The fact that she is not complaining of pain or poor vision is a good sign.  I would not wait any longer, however, to see an ophthalmologist.  If you are in the Detroit area please call 8003637575 to schedule an appt with one of our specialists.
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