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Red eyes from wearing contact lenses

I have been wearing contact lenses for nearly 8 years, the first 5 years with no problem to dryness, irritations, or redness.  But I did have an eye infection 3 years ago, the doctor said that it could be from over wearing or poor maintenance.  I did use to sleep with my contacts (bad choice), he prescribed some eye drop for the infection.  He also suggested alternating between eyeglasses and contacts, at the time I only wore contact lenses.  I believe it left me with some scarring (Sigh). Now, I wear eyeglasses most of the time and contacts 2-3 days out of  the week.

Okay, this is how my eyes become red.  I would only start to wear my contacts for only 4-5 hours into the day; I can slow see my eyes turning red from wearing them.  My eyes aren't itchy or watery, maybe dry; the iris surrounding the pupil would turn red (lines / red veins).  I don't know what's causing it! It's fustrating since I've tried to care for my eyes since my last infection by not sleeping with my contacts, changing solutions & cleaning my lenses really well.

The type of contacts I use - Acuvue Oasys (2 week disposal),  and Opti-free rub as the solution.  I don't have allergies.  I'm scheduled to see my doctor for possible causes.  I hope it's not an infection (but I'm thinking it is)  Why would my eyes turn red from wearing contacts.  How can you get rid (or treat) them? I prefer wearing contacts than eyeglasses but now considering laser surgery (if I'm a candidate).  

Please help with suggestions.

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Your question is really complex and so many factors can play a role.  Is the lens too tight or too loose?  Do you have so much pannus built up that no contact will be comfortable?  Do you have chronic dry eyes or allergies?  Are you on the computer so much that eyes get red and tired?  Are systemic medications giving you ocular side effects?  Are you allergic to the lens solution?  Do you need to take flaxseed oil and omega 3 fish oil to produce better tears and reduce inflammation?  Find an EyeMD ophthalmologist who is a cornea specialist and after a detailed exam you may find some useful answers.  Also, maybe you could be a candidate for Lasik.  Some people just don't do well with contacts, no matter what.

Michael Kutryb, MD
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