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Red lines in eyes?

Posted by Sunni on August 22, 1999 at 14:17:08
I'm near-sighted and a contact lens wearer.  I also run a virutal firm,thus, I'm on the computer from early monring until night. I am v. careful about cleanliness of monitor, glare, giving eyes a rest and so forth.
I'm now quite concerned because I have within the last week and a half noticed spidery red vessels appearing in the cornea of both eyes, although more so in the left. Some days, curiously enough, it has appeared worse than other days.  My eyes don't feel dry or itchy constantly.  There have been just a few late hours when I feel them to be dry.
Is this permanent?  What's happening?  If it is stressed eyes, is it better to go without contacts for a day or so? Or does that increase stress, as my distance vision is so horrid.  My near vision is excellent, suprisingly!  I also have reading glasses, used for close-up work when I have contacts on, per doctor's recommendation.  At 16-18 inches from computer monitor, I sometimes don't feel a need to wear the reading glasses. But other times, it feels needed.  Tired eyes, again?
Anyway -- help??

Posted by hfhs md ke on August 22, 1999 at 22:26:56
i think that the redness u r referring to is on the conjunctiva  or skin of the eye.  the cornea is the clear dome that u place your lenses on  and it would be very difficult for u  to see blood vessels on this.  it may well be that your eyes are simply becoming dry from the combination of the lenses and staring at the screen all day and night. try to use some artificial tears or rewetting drops occasionally   if that does not work  see your eye doctor    good luck

Posted by NRO-Sx on August 23, 1999 at 01:38:10
A friend of mine had a similar problem (angiogenesis in the conjunctiva) and it was a physiological response to hypoxia caused by excessive use of contact lenses.  The small spider-like blood vessels cleared up after he took a break from wearing contacts for a few weeks, and he now uses oxygen permeable contacts and the problem is gone.
Hope this helps.

Posted by Sunni on August 23, 1999 at 12:30:17
Thanks so much to both of you for the above comments.  I rushed back here to repost because I realized after-the-fact that I had erred in my statement. As both of you guessed, yes, the few and tiny spider veins are in the whites of my eyes, not the cornea.  Duh.  (I'm much more expert at computers and PR!)
While I have made a doctor's appointment, I can't get in for a few days. Meanwhile, I've never worn glasses. Getting some. Question: Am I stressing my myopic eyes by not wearing contacts and using monitor (got to work!) Have increased font size. No discomfort.  
Second comment: The message above re oxygen-permeable contacts is interesting. Prior to my last exam about 6 mos ago, I had worn extended wear contacts. However, I always took them off at night.  Dr. insisted on change to new daily wear only contacts.  I found them to be slightly "thicker" than the extended-wear. What I have found interesting is that I have been on a computer, using contacts, for 27 years!  Only now, after the change to these heavier contacts is this occurring.  Any causative factor here?  Is this related to the oxygen-permeable contacts mentioned above?

Posted by HFHS MD-JL on August 30, 1999 at 15:27:59
No risk of damage to your eyes by not wearing your contacts or glasses.  The thicker contacts may not have the same oxygen permeability as the others you were wearing.  If you were doing well with the other contacts, you may want to discuss with your doctor about switching back.

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