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Red spot near my eye?

Hi! This generally happens at night but for some reason I get a random light red spot near my eye. Is this a sign of anything serious? Or just an affect of being tired? Maybe a broken blood vein? I don't know, I tried looking it up but nothing. It doesn't burn either; I can only see it. It's not growing off my eye; it kind of looks like a stain.
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Hard to tell where exactly the red spot is, but it sounds like it is on the white part of the eye, and the "stain" appearance suggests a subconjunctival hemorrhage (can look up on google images to confirm).  Typically this is due to a broken blood vessel secondary to trauma, excessive coughing or straining, or patient on blood thinners (including aspirin) leading to easy bruising.  Usually it is a self-resolving issue that may take 1-2 weeks.
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