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Reddish Purple Bump in the Corner of my Left Eye

I noticed it a few days ago. I felt like I had a really painful eyelash in my eye for like a half an hour despite flushing it with water and eye drops. When I was looking in the mirror, I noticed this red-purple bump. The itchy feeling of something stuck in my eye comes and goes throughout the day. It has gotten larger and more noticeable since I first spotted it; almost like a ball bearing stuck under the surface of the skin.  It isn't particularly painful, but I am aware of it constantly. I am going to attach a link to a picture of it because a picture speaks a thousand words. Any idea what is going on or if I should be concerned? I don't have health insurance right now, so I don't want to go to the doctor if it isn't a big deal.


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This looks like an embedded foreign body.  I would recommend an exam with an ophthalmologist.  
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