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Redness and swelling of one caruncle?

For the first time approximately 5 months ago, I awoke in the morning with a red and what appeared to be swollen caruncle in my right eye.  This persisted for a few days, while slowly returning to normal.  It has recurred multiple times since then, it seems like I will go weeks without an issue, then for no detectable reason, the redness returns one morning upon waking.  It has always been the right eye only, the left is never involved.  It is worst immediately upon waking and in the most recent case, fades within 1-2 hours, but still appears to be there at a much reduced level for a period of time after.  I have not made any changes to my hygiene practices and am not applying any products (make up, etc) to my face. I have no known allergies and it is always the right caruncle, never the left.  The first time it happened, I had redness on the white of my eye between the caruncle and the iris, but that has not returned since or has been minor on the subsequent carcuncle events.  I had an ophthalmologist examine my eyes in 3 months ago with no findings.  The caruncle redness was not present at that time and is hard to catch since it can resolve quickly.  Any ideas on what could be the cause of this?
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I took a picture from 1 week ago and one from today.  You can see that last week they were completely normal.  Today, they are both a bit red with some morning red eye, but the right is especially red.  Very slight burning-like feeling in the right eye today concentrated on the inner portion of the eye near the caruncle.  That feeling commonly comes along with the redness.  Photos can be seen here:
https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/Q1zkfW
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The photo is helpful. That is not the common inflamed pinguecula or pterygium or episcleritis. You should see an ophthalmologist. Take in the photos you took. It may need to be biopsied.
Thanks for the reply.  I did see an ophthalmologist a couple months ago and he said nothing was unusual with my eyes.  I should have mentioned that I was diagnosed with blepharitis in 2016 and have been managing that with daily cleanings with diluted baby soap and cotton pads.  I have worn contacts for the last 20 years as well (2 week disposables previously, now on dailies for the last 3 months).   Never wear them to sleep.   Could this be related to the blepharitis and/or symptoms of dry eye?  Do you feel like something other than those things you listed would clear itself in matter of hours and then return weeks later?  I took another picture of my eyes just now to compare to this morning (which is the lower photo previously posted).  Does that give any more info into what may be happening?  New photo can be seen here:
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You know I've been in ophthalmology a long time and the caruncle is a part of the eye that rarely gives us trouble. it would be highly unusual to be due to blepharitis. Also contact lens cause all kinds of problems but usually around the cornea not remote from it.  If the caruncle is very red and swollen in the morning and gets better as the day goes on I would wonder if it might be irritated during sleep. Some of the things that can do that: sleeping with face buried in pillow always on one side, sleeping under a fan, sleep apnea and CPAP machines.  If it changes that much during the day not likely to be a tumor which are rare and usually constant appearance.
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That makes me feel better about it. I can tell you it has looked much worse, then goes back to completely normal. You may be on to something with the irritation at night. I slept with the fan on last night. I have been sleeping on my back instead of my side since this started to try and prevent any irritation from the pillow or sheets. My eyes are always a bit red in the morning, but will occassionally be "excessively" inflamed like in the photo. It clears up but seems to return later. I will sometimes feel a slight ache on or around the right eye socket, but I can't tell if that is related.
Do you feel this is something I should still be seeing an ophthalmologist about urgently or does the fact that it tends to resolve itself make this something I should continue to monitor and bring up at my next appointment (assuming it does not worsen)?  Appreciate the help with this.
No its not urgent.  Most ophthalmology offices are taking calls, answering questions. I would give them a call tomorrow.  If they can in-take email send them your photos.
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