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Reflection of sun at work is blinding please help

I work in an office on a small town square. Once it hit's about 11:30 until about 2:30, I am blinded by the brilliant reflection of the sun coming off of the parked cars all around. We do not have blinds up on the windows, and due to their odd shaping we won't be getting any. ( I have asked).
No matter what I do the sun finds a way to beam straight into my eyes. The other day for example I tried lowering my chair as low as  could, only to be defeated by a conversion van.
I have to face the windows to great customers, who I cannot even see during these times.
My eyes burn, they are red like I have allergies, and my head hurts all the time after this time of day.
When I go home at 8 at night, I cannot stand to have any real light on, and the kids think I am a bat sitting in a cave it's so dark! I lately have been seeing spots and feel dizzy when I try to look around.
I have only worked at this place for a few months.
I really just want them to let me wear sunglasses, since there is no room to rearrange.
They won't let me, saying it is "unprofessional".
Do you have any good sources I can quote saying that this is damaging my eyes?
(I would go to the doctor to have a note written or something, but they keep me part time so I don't get benefits.)

I just need to be able to wear my sunglasses without fear of repercussions.  

thank you!
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You can do some reasearch at the RPB website (research to prevent blindness). You're not going to find much. What you need to do is go see the doctor on a cash only basis. Find out how much it will cost you up front and let them know about your condition ahead of time. They might be willing to write a note for you.
Best of luck,
Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
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