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Regarding Contact lens....

Hi... M using monthly desposable lens...
I m having a query , m very much confused about this...
See , when I m open this monthly desposable lens in Jan and use it for only 15 days , then should I really throw it in the starting of feb.. or throw it by using their complete use for 30 days..????
And second , when due to some dust lens are removed from my eyes , n m not having their solution , can I use normal water ... To become them wet and then fit it into my eyes..??
Please help
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Throw away the 15 day old contact that has been sitting around and start a new one.  And do not use water to wet contact or wash eyes.  Wetting solution for contacts or regular eye drops, not water.
But sir.. I use them only for 15 days..
Being dipped in a solutions... what is the problem.. when they are not open from the lens pack they remains for few years until they are sold , and as they are not in direct contact with the environment then why to throw.?
Then call the eye doctor that fit you and discuss.
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Sir , m asking with an humble gratitude to you
Please clear my doubt
I’m not here to argue with you.  Once you open a contact lens the clock starts running on its life. It’s NOT like when it is in the sealed packet. If you were talking about not wearing it for a day or two and it was soaking in a case with clean, sterile solution it might be okay. But in the case for a month, no I would never tell my patient to put that back in the eye.  Pitch it and start over with a new sealed lens.   This is all I will have to say.
Sorry sir...
If it's hurt you..
I only want to know the exact reason.. as m seeking for an appropriate response.. sorry and thanks
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Thanks sir...
Sorry for the argument actually I only want to know the reason.. not here to hurt you..
Sorry.. n thanks
Packaged food often comes with warning not to eat after opened for a week or two week.  Food can be stored for years when sealed properly once opened it cannot be sealed again the same way by the consumer.  
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Yup.. thanks.. now m more having any more queries regarding this.. shukriya...
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No more queries I mean..**
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Gudmrng sir..!!
Sir yesterday when I was wearing my lens , there is a whitish appearance in one of them.. n then I suddenly realised that I faced this in my previous lens n days also.. so what should I do for this..
This column/website is not meant to remotely fit contact lens. Anyone wearing contacts should be under the care of an ophthalmologist Eye MD or an optometrist. So I'm not going to have anything to say anymore about your contacts and you will need to work with whomever fit you.
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@ratwaya when you next visit your ophthalmologist or optometrist as Dr. Hagan indicated, consider requesting daily wear lenses instead of the disposable ones which I assume are left in overnight. I believe the cornea benefits from not having a foreign object on its surface 24/7, and although daily wear are somewhat more hassle to care for this is your eyes and in my opinion they are worthy of whatever it takes for them to remain healthy.
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