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Removing scleral buckle

Posted By Andrew on August 21, 1999 at 10:11:01
I'm 16 years old and have a very complicated history.
I was born with biolateral congenital cateracts which were needled at three weeks and six weeks. things progressed well untill I was about 11 when my sight in both eyes started to gradually detereate. It wasn't untill November 1997 when I had my first retinal detachment which could only be detected by an ultrasound scan, the operation (vitrectomy + scleral buckle + gas bubble) which took 6 and a half hours to complete. The surgery was successful but eversince Aprill the flashing lights have increased gradually getting worse every week, my consultant say's that it is because of the layer of vitreous stuck to the retina is there anything that can be done about this?
Also in 1998 I had a detachment in the other eye which was more or less the same circumstances to the right eye although it happened a lot faster. I had the operation, which again was successfull.
In October I had a tear in the left retina which was discovered early enought to do laser treatment.
In January of this year I had another detachment in the Left eye which was repaired but a week after the operation the preasure shot up and the drugs werent reducing it, I had diode laser at moorfields in London.
Three weeks after this the retina in that eye detached for a third time, I had the same precedure as before and again it was sucessfull although I only had sight in the centre portion of my field.  After this surgery the cornea started to become waterlogged it was a very peinful condition, I had a graft which was done 2 months ago and now has been rejected violantly which has caused blood vessel to grow into the graft, the cornea as now very swolloen and painful.
The real option I have other than to remove the eye is to have a amneatic membrane sewn over the cornea to cover up the nurves and to have the buckle removed because that has caused pain ever since it was put in.
I would like to know how big is the risk that the retina will detach again after the buckle is removed, considering it has detach twice with the buckle in place?
Thank you Very much

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