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Reoccuring Dry/Tired Eyes, what's wrong with my eyes?

Every now and then i have reoccuring problem with dry/tired eyes. Usually, they are absolutely normal during these times, only last week when it occured again my eyes were showing red vessels.
First time it happened, i think it was april of 2018, after 5 day spree of long term video game playing, i developed the pain in the eyes and it took it a week or a bit longer to go away. I then had it again at the very end of april-beginning of may.
I tried to figure out whats wrong, and realised that i forget to blink. I started blinking more often and it seemingly went away, the vessels in my eyes were irritated at the time, but with blinking it all started to feel nice.

at the end of may 2018, my eyes got very tired again and i tried to avoid the use of computer as much as i could, then i realized that complaining about my eyes out loud and on internet somehow cured the condition.

I was fine until july 2018, it reoccured and i turned off the pain by posting on internet.

then it happened again at the beginning of september, it was very bad and because theplace where i posted was now gone, i had to wait until the pain goes away. It did! i was happy, but it reoccured in october, slowly went away and suddenly striked back with very red blood vessels. Next day i had very annoying pain, but within the next 2 days it just vanished.

Right now it's been 3 days without eye pain but i think it's coming back because right now i feel that my eyes are kinda dry and i feel a warmer temperature on them, but i think that's because i washed my hair (it heats up my eyes). When i was myself my head stops working well so i try to avoid that.

Please help it really is bad. I also have visual snow (and had migraines since childhood), i thought that was bad, but this is much worse. I am a high school student and artist so i spend lots of time in front of my pc. i get 30-60 min breaks every 1.30-2hours, i do the 20 20 20 rule, eye exercise, etc. I use sunsetscreen pc app to remove blue light from my screen.

Eyes feel hot when i close them, feel kinda dry i guess and very tired. In the morning i see the flesh covering the eyes is red.
It takes 2 days for the pain do develop and a week or so to go away.

I think it's because of some particular reason where i update my works and it makes me irritated in the head.

originally, i thought that it happens because i belived that some forces did it. thats why posting on internet fixed it back then, or maybe there are hidden processes in my head that i can trigger to fix my eyes.

I used to have eye drops for some reason until 2017, i think the pain actually began way earlier, but oh well, i am not sure if i have a problem or not anyway. Please help.
I plan to speak to a doctor some months later if it gets in my way too bad. But until then, what can i do??
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1. Read the posting on my home page under blogs about dry eye.  2. cut down on your screen time  3. start keeping a list of various brand name drops for dry eyes until you find the one that is best for you. They are not a commodity, that is all the same,  What works for another person may not work for you and vice versa.  Think of tear brands as food items on a menus, they are not all the same even tho all food.    This is a chronic problem and no cure.  Worldwide epidemic of dry eyes and myopia due to huge amount of screen time young people have now.
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Thank you for help. I cannot seem to find the posting on your home page, could you please link to it if possible?

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According to me,

You should go for the eyecare specialist because this kind of disease very effective to damage your eyes so the deficient conclusion of the eyelids when squinting or resting — a condition called lagophthalmos, which can be caused by maturing or happen after corrective blepharoplasty or different causes — can cause serious dry eyes that can prompt a corneal ulcer whenever left untreated. I hope your eye disease get well early, if you get the proper treatment.
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