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Repeated detached retina

In November of 2007 I had a detached retina the Doctor did Cryotherapy in the office. It then detached in a different place 3 days later and Cryotherapy was preformed for a second time. It did not work so 4 days later I had the Scleral Buckle procedure, for each of these procedure gas was inserted into my eye. On January 3, 2008 it detached for a third time in a different spot and a vitrectomy was performed. I developed a cataract and had surgery to replace the lens in June. I still have swelling in the retina and I am still using 2 different steroid drops. I had a new prescription for eyeglasses filled last week and was very disappointed out how poor my vision is. My retina was macular on each time it detached and now my vision out of my left eye is very wavy and distorted and at the bottom and the side I see constant flickering bubbles or spots. I cannot read or see the computer screen at all out of my left eye, even with glasses. I am very nervous because I now have multiple string floaters in my right eye. My question is, everything I read says since my eye was not macular off that my vision should have returned. I was told I might need a stronger prescription. I got a stronger prescription and although is a little clearer it is still very blurry. I have changed Doctors because if it detached again I did not want the same group operating on me. The new Doctor I go to is very nice and thorough but he does not tell me much about my condition.
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You need a doctor who will tell you about your condition, the causes, and the prognosis. I have lattice degeneration. New floaters have signalled new lattice many times, and each time my floaters and lattices increase, my good eye has been lasered, Have the doctors taken a good look at the good eye? If you have had PVD, look into having the eye lasered in a 360 configuration. Get several opinions before you do this. I do not think I would have the 360 done if you have not had pvd. But look into lasering by having a doctor take a close look. You do not want sight loss in that good eye.

I have had 5 detachments in one eye. I have had aser on the good eye,. I have akso had PVD.
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Even if the macula is "on" the recovery cannot be complete. Sometimes the inflammation in the eye causes macular edema, sometimes a macular hole or epiretinal macular members. Discuss this with your surgeons.  Get a third opnion if necessary.

The string floaters are not nearly the concern the distortion is

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