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Restor Lens Problems

I had cataracts removed 9 weeks ago right eye, 7 weeks ago left eye.  I had the Restor lens put in both eyes.  I have had nothing but problems and curious if anyone else has had similar problems. My first problem was light sensitivity. I had to wear my sunglasses inside for almost 8 weeks (my husband refers to our house as the Bat Cave).  Fluorescent lighting is the worst and thats whats in my office. I had to work with the lights off for the first 8 weeks, I can turn them on now but the light still bothers me. I have dry eyes and it has gotten worse since surgery, the doctor put plugs in my tearducts but I'm constantly putting artificial tears in, which blurs my vision. Then my eyesight kept getting blurry with double vision. The doctor said I have Blepharitis and gave me Azisite. That seems to help but I have to use it every day along with warm compresses and a cleansing routine or the blurry vision gets worse.  She now wants to perform laser surgery on me for a slight astigmatism I have. She says this will help, they gave me glasses to try on with the way it should look after surgery. I can see clearer but still double vision and she doesn't know if that will go away.
I went to another doctor for a second opinion and he said don't do the surgery if there is a chance I'm going to extract the lens and put in a monofocal lens. Now I don't know what to do. I'm scared to have these lens' extracted and would like to try and keep them in. We won't even get into the issue of the so called "halos" around headlights. They are such HUGE spider webs that I can not drive at night any more. Has anyone had any or all of my problems? Has it gotten better with time? Has anyone had the laser surgery for astigmastism after implants? Any help would be appreciated, my quality of life is 0 these days.
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Two thoughts initially come to mind.  First, is this "double vision" truly 2 images either next to or on top of each other??  And is this present with both eyes open and goes away when one is closed??  This definitely needs to be clarified for you prior to any more surgery.  "Ghosting" of images is often a monocular phenomenon, often associated with multifocal IOLs like Restor, and can be researched in the archives of this website.

Treating the dry eye and blepharitis is critical for optimizing vision after cataract surgery, regardless of the type of IOL you have. Be very vigilent about the regimen prescribed, and coupled with time, it does work.
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Use the search function.  Your problems are common.

Dr. O.
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I had the Tecnis multifocal lenses inserted in April and have a major halo problem.  In high contrast situations it is obvious that the out of focus light is interfering with my ability to see clearly.  Before surgery I had sharp vision with glasses, now it is hard to see to cut my fingernails even though I can focus at that distance.  I like to do carpentry and woodworking, but it is difficult to see things sharply enough to work safely with tools. I am seriously considering having these removed and going with a single vision lens.  That will require reading glasses, but it it eliminates the halos and give me sharp vision it will be worth it..
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If you have been following this forum, you would know that the lenses that give the least trouble are the monofocal ones. It is rare for someone to post complaints about them (except when it is bad surgery). And your insurance will pay for it.
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Further to the above. Two of my siblings have monofocal lens implants. They are overjoyed with the results. My brother says he does not need glasses to read normal size type. That surprised me. I haven't asked my sister if she can read without glasses.
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Do you know if monofocal lens implants also have light/glare and halo problems?  I am reconsidering my Restor and Crystalens (I have one of each) as they may have given me lots more sight but way too many problems and discomfort in getting them to actully function for me.  Lots of eye confusion and disorientation.  And I still need glasses 85% of the time, only time I am OK is when I am in a small, perfectly lighted room.
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