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Restore vs. Rezoom

What is the difference between Restore and Rezoom lenses if any. What significant problemss have been experienced with either if any?
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The rezoom lens has fallen out of favor quite a bit so I would not really consider that to be a viable option at this point. The new restor 3.0 has fewer side effects but still can cause light rings and halos especially at night.  Also some patients can notice decreased contrast sensitivity and a waxy nature to their vision. Unfortunately there is not way to "try on" these lenses.  My suggestions is to talk with 2 or 3 honest people who have had the lens put and get their opinion.  If you can't find 2 or 3 people, then you might not want to be the first in your circle of friends or neighbors.  You can also use the search feature on this site to learn more.  Remember the crystalens HD has the lowerst frequency of undesirable side effects but also can tend to be a little weak regarding near vision and can sometimes give unexpected myopia and require touch up surgery with lasik, a piggyback lens or a lens exhange.

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Before considering any multifocal or accomodating lens like crystalens, please review the archives for my posts and those by dissapointed66, jodiej, restorenomore and others.  I myself had a Restor lens explanted after six months of unacceptable vision. While it is true that satisfied patients would rarely post on forums such as this, although there have been a few, at least consider the potential problems that these lenses pose. One of the best advice I had reading these forums is that newer is not always better. We tend to think that is the case but monofocal lenses are tried and true and the technology is just not there yet to ensure that every patient will be happy with the premium lenses. If you are one of the miserable patients who do not have a good outcome, it can be a long and painful road to obtain good vision again.
This is just my opinion as a former Restor patient. Do check with two or more highly qualified and trust worthy eye surgeons who will answer your questions honestly and not just try to sell you on an expensive lens.
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