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Retina Detachment Recovery Questions

I had RD surgery 8 weeks ago.  I was given cryo, laser and a gas bubble which finally went away on week 6. My retina surgeon said I had a big tear and quite a few holes but the macula was fine ( his quote was "I did a lot of work in there")  He released me until December but I still have questions and issues and want to hear from you guys if these things are normal:
1.  My pupil was really dilated for about 6 weeks and just recently started contracting a bit (but not nearly as much as the normal eye).  Will this continue to improve or is this as good as it gets? Also one part contracts more than the other part, resulting in a lopsided look.  My eyes are very light so this is really noticeable.
2. In my peripheral vision to the left, when I look at straight lines they appear wavy.  I assume this is where some repairs were made. Will this improve in time?  I call this the Fun House mirror effect, but it's not funny!
3.  I had LASIK 7 years ago and had the left eye adjusted for reading and the right for distance as most people over "a certain age" do.  The detached retina happened in the right (distance) eye. I see very well at a distance with it, close to 20/20 at my last exam, but the vision from close up to about 3-4 feet out is still blurred.  This was much better prior to the surgery.  Will this improve or will I need glasses? I am tired of reading with just the left eye, and my job is reading the computer all day and this is difficult for more than 3-4 hours at a stretch.
4.  I still have a lot of glare in the operated eye and still a lot of floaters.  Hopefully this will improve?  How long?

Whew! That's enough for now!  Thanks!
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1. Some of the medications used after retina surgery such as atropine or homatropine can keep the pupil dilated for several weeks after they're stopped. Retinal detachment surgery can cause damage to a pupil and make it bigger than the fellow eye or not respond as quickly to light. Only time will tell. As you surgeon next visit.

2. This problem is called metamorphopsia. When the detached retina is put back into place it is often not smooth and can cause this effect. Again only time will tell but some of this is often permanent (but the brain tends to tune it out).

3. The pupil helps the eye focus. If it's dilated that will cause trouble focusing. Also the drops relax the focus muscle so that may be a problem also. Finally the focus muscle can be damaged by RD surgery

4. These answers are intentionally vague. Recovery from your type of surgery ranges from compete recovery to complete loss of sight. Only time will tell. Your sugeon is the only one that can give you specific answers.

Good Luck.

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Dear Sir,

I had RD surgery 10 weeks ago. My favourite past time sport is soccer.

I have a question to ask. How long I needed to rest before I can start playing again and what are the risks.

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Hope you are doing well

I had RD about 8 days back in my right eye.

Prior to RD surgery, Ihad cataract surgery in my right  eye with
20/20 set to distance and left eye was using with contacts
For reading.

Have few question for you.

1.After how Long after your RD surgery in Dr eye, Did u started
Seeing distance?

2. Were your eye was fuzzy due to eye drops, how Long Did it took you?

3. I stopped dialating drops, about 3 days back but Still has double
Visión, Did u experienced That ?

4. Did your prescrption change in rt eye after RD compare
To pre-RD surgery ?

I will appericiate it if u can reply my questions.


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