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Retina Detachment Surgery Aftercare

Hello good people. I have just recently had surgery for Retina Detachment and cannot get a good answer from my surgeon about the amount of physical activity I'm allowed. He just keeps saying no jogging or anything to jar the eye.. I'm an avid gardener and was wondering about bending and stooping. Has anyone experienced problems engaging in this activity after surgery? Its been 5 weeks since my surgery.
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It depends on how your eye has healed and what extent of surgery was required.  If you call your doctor with a specific question, he should be able to give a yes or no answer.  Ask direct questions (Could I garden?  Could I bend?  etc).

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Yes, I felt a lot of pressure when I would bend over after my surgery, that lasted for months.  I learned to squat or sit while doing things to eliminate any problem.  It's always better to be more cautious than not when dealing with your vision and potential problems.  

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