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Retina Detachmet

My fiancée’s retina detached about ten years ago.  He had a scleral buckle surgery and since then it seems that it has been successful.  The "rubber band" as he calls it can be seen if he looks to his left and his eye gets swollen and very bloodshot if he is tiered.  Unfortunately, because he hasn't had health insurance he has been unable to renew his eye glasses prescription for far too long.  He has an appointment soon, but he thinks the scleral buckle has moved and he may need surgery again.  Can the buckle move?  And if it has moved what will happen?  Will he need another surgery? And if he does what will that surgery entail?  
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I've seen a few rare cases where the encircling band from a scleral buckling procedure had to be removed.  Usually it is only when the band is actually sticking out from under the conjunctiva.  If just the lump is seen under the conjunctiva usually that is OK.  If the band is actually sticking out it will likely need  to be removed in the operating room.  Only the retinal surgeon will be able to tell you what if anything is needed.

Michael Kutryb, MD
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